Ariel Quintana

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Ariel Quintana is a fashion house with a 24-year history in fashion and haute couture. Apart from this label, we add seven years developing the successful urban line QUINTANA U, which is already an established brand with a major national and international recognition.

Mainly the urban line is well-known for the design of jeans, carefully thought for the needs of all women, with comfortable and safe fits.

The company is a pioneer in haute couture, specializing in designs with careful finishing details, exquisite fabrics that allow women to excel and distinguish themselves. The collection includes one-of-a-kind exclusive evening gowns.

The bridal gowns are also an important part of the fashion house due to the customized dedication, meeting the needs of each client, who have an interview with Ariel Quintana himself, in which the specific aesthetic guidelines are defined.

All this makes our quality and our reputation in the fashion world. Our goal is to dress all of our clients flawlessly with unique designs and comfortable fit, thus enhancing our clients’ figure in every aspect.